Nicole Miller

Web Designer and Animator

Who is Nicole Miller?

Nicole Miller is a talented, creative, and passionate individual with strong problem solving skills and a drive to succeed. She is very knowledgeable with HTML5 and CSS3, and has experience implementing JQuery plugins and interactions. She has worked with clients through the process of building a complete website; starting with thumbnails and wire frames, finishing with a fully functioning, professional website. Her work is all hand coded and edited. She has experience with company re-branding, including: designing new company logos, business cards, and website. Nicole has worked in the design field for over 5 years. She has created flyers, emails, and signage for offices and events.

During her time at school, Nicole worked extensively with all aspects of animation and film including, character and set design, lighting, audio, and editing. She worked in a variety of different animation styles, including: stop-motion, 2D hand drawn, 3D using Maya, claymation, and Flash. Nicole also worked in both digital and 16mm film using a Bolex camera. Editing was done with computer programs such as, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, and iMovie, or done by hand using a splicer and viewfinder.